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At Northview Bank, we partner with our customers to give them access to everything that will make them as successful as possible with the services we provide. We offer all of the products and services of a big bank but with the benefits of a community-based, community-oriented bank.

Mortgages and Refinancing with Northview Bank

That means that working with Northview Bank gets you all of the benefits of banking with one of the national banks with the additional benefits that can only come from your neighborhood bank.

Local Banking Means Local Decisions

When you bank locally, whether for your checking and savings accounts, for credit cards and personal loans, or mortgage financing, you have the benefit of local decision makers working on your behalf. We work with local companies on securing small business loans that help them expand their company, maintain their operation, or fund capital purchases. We work with Minnesota families to help them buy or build the cabin they’ve been dreaming of. We help kids set up their first checking accounts and help working professionals prepare for retirement. In all of it, we recognize that we’re helping our neighbors and friends build a life that enriches our community.

Local banking means local decisions. That works out better for everyone!

Local Banking Means Local Benefits

The money you spend within in your community stays in your community, strengthening your local economy and supporting local business. At Northview Bank, we’re always pouring money into our local community, giving entrepreneurs the resources they need to launch, helping southwest Minnesota Ag operations maintain their operation and grow into new opportunities, and helping secure the essential infrastructure of small-town America.

Local banking means local benefits. That builds community and establishes a healthy, lasting economy!

Is it time to refinance?

Interest rates for a 30-year fixed mortgage are still incredibly low for homebuyers. Not long ago, you probably heard stories of people who were locking in at 2.5% or even lower. Although rates have climbed since these historic lows, they're still at a place that makes this a great time to buy or refinance.


If you’re at a higher interest rate or wanting to see if you can get PMI removed from your mortgage, let us know. We can help you move forward with expertise you can rely on that has the added benefit of working with your neighbors and friends.

Connect with a lending expert today!

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Northview Bank wants to provide you with a complimentary game license holder for your hunting season. Please fill out the information below and we’ll send your game license holder and information packet.

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