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Every Age

At Northview Bank, we want to help people in every season of life make the most of their lives and have access to all of the financial tools and opportunities available to them.

At each stage of life, a person’s financial needs are unique. From helping a child set up their first savings account to giving people assurance about their future and their retirement years, we see banking as a partnership.

Checking and Savings

With our checking and savings account services, we are able to help people at any stage of life with the fundamental and necessary banking services. With dependability and integrity, we help people manage their money, develop habits, and plan ahead.

We help kids set up their first savings account, so that they learn good habits and start their lives with a healthy relationship with money. We help teenagers set up debit accounts, so that they learn the fundamentals of money management and how to navigate life with more responsibility. We give families and businesses alike something to rely on.

From managing life’s day-to-day routines to setting aside rainy-day funds and contingency plans, checking and savings accounts with Northview Bank make life easier.

Financing & Credit

From auto loans and personal loans to help make the necessities of life more accessible to lines of credit that help families navigate the ins and outs of life and prepare for the unexpected, financing options from Northview Bank are all about our customers.

Local financing means local decisions!

By working with Northview Bank for your financing and credit needs, you have the benefit of working with a local bank that is making decisions in the interest of you and your community.

Finding a Home

When the time comes to buy your first home or build your dream home, Northview Bank offers the financing expertise and resources to make your vision a reality. We have a team of mortgage lending professionals who are experienced enough to know what’s available for you and committed to helping you do what’s right for you.

Mortgages with Northview Bank are a good move for any season of life.

Building a Business

Small businesses need a bank that sees their potential, has their backs, and gives them opportunities to do what’s best. Our business banking tools and resources give business owners a chance to manage their operation and build their vision.

From card services to lending opportunities, business banking with Northview Bank makes business possible.

Buying a Cabin

Northview Bank is the expert in vacation property loans. As life progresses, families in Minnesota realize that it’s time to buy a vacation property, cabin, lake cottage, or piece of land. It creates a home-away-from-home and is an investment in family and quality time.

Buying a cabin is possible with as little as 10% down.

Through Every Season

Through all seasons of life, all the way up into planning for retirement, Northview Bank is a community partner, neighbor, and friend, making local decisions that build our local economy. We’re committed to helping people make wise financial moves. We’re committed to helping families connect, neighborhoods thrive, and businesses grow.

By working with a local bank, our customers are working with their neighbors and friends. By working with local families and businesses, Northview Bank is supporting our community’s infrastructure and building a community legacy.


At Northview Bank, we are your neighbors and friends, helping our customers get started, keep moving, think ahead, and finish strong. Our team of executives, loan officers, and bankers - and our wide range of financial products and services - give people in any stage of life the tools they need to succeed.

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