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Northview Bank Vacation Property Financing

Purchasing a cabin, cottage, bare land, or vacation property can be a challenge in any economic season, and when inventory is low and other buyers are motivated, it can be an even higher hill to climb. 

An Economy That's Changing

It seems that the economic temperature around us is changing by the day. Interest rates rise, stock prices plummet, and everything from gallons of milk to gallons of gasoline seem to be unbelievably expensive. In all of this fluctuation and uncertainty, the real estate market has also begun to show signs of quieter waters…of less activity. Indications point to a significant halt in the market while property, home, and cabin sales remain active for the time being. 

If you are in the market for a cabin or vacation property, you are no stranger to the breakneck pace of the real estate market. There are more buyers than sellers. There are more vacation property seekers looking for the right cottage, lake home, cabin property, or bare land for developing or for hunting than there are people ready and willing to sell. With motivations high and inventory low, the vacation property market is indeed a seller’s market.

So What Do You Do?

So what do you do for your family if you want to buy a cabin? How do you find the place that’s right for you when it seems there is not a place within reach? 

At Northview Bank, we have been helping people secure financing for their vacation property for years. And we’ve discovered that it’s not always about the right market. Sometimes it’s simply about working with the right people.

Setting Yourself Apart

If you have not yet pursued financing for a vacation property purchase, you’re coming in behind many of your competitors for valuable cabin real estate. With many over-asking-price offers in contention — and with many of them being cash offers! — you need to be equipped with financial credibility to be taken seriously. 

Get pre-approved now so that you can buy tomorrow.

Changing Your Expectations

This market has led many people to pursue alternative ideas of vacation property. Whether it is space at an RV park, buying bare land and parking a trailer or RV on it, or taking greater advantage of platforms like VRBO and Airbnb until vacation properties become available, owning a cabin may need to mean something different for the time being. 

Consider thinking bigger so that vacation property becomes possible.

Connect Locally

When you work with local lenders and partner with local businesses, you’re not just supporting local economies. You’re also increasing your options. Cabin and cottage communities are a tight-knit group. Working with locals - with people who know the area, the people, and the lakes - lets you take advantage of the close-knit, small-town life. And working with a local bank that is familiar with vacation property financing has its own list of perks and benefits! 

Local connections can make a massive impact.


It can be challenging to know the path you should take in times like these, especially if it seems the market is working against you. At Northview Bank, we are your financial partner in life, in business, and in every detail that makes those things all that they can be.

Contact one of our banking professionals today to talk about your finances today and your financial future. Let us help you plan for the big purchases and for the unexpected ones. And let us be your partner every step of the way.

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