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CabinProperty Northview Bank Vacation Property Financing

If you and your family are ready to buy a cabin or lake home in Minnesota or Wisconsin, you
probably already have an idea of what area you prefer. It could be a lake you grew up fishing or
an area you love to hunt. It could be that you’re not sure about anything beyond finding the
place for your family to connect as everyone gets older.

Finding Minnesota and Wisconsin Lake Home Real Estate

 Whether you know where you’re interested in buying or just know that you’re ready to take the
next step, there are things you can do now to make your vacation property possible when the
time is right.

Find Your Location

Sometimes deciding on a place for a cabin or vacation home is about buying what’s affordable.
The bigger the lake or the more ideal the surroundings for various outdoor activities, the more
expensive the location will be. Affordability, however, is always balanced out by availability. Over
the past 25 years, cabin and vacation property prices have increased significantly because
demand has been higher and supply has been limited.

It’s worth putting in the work and research to determine where you’d like to end up. You may find
that your ideal location may be a possibility for you when it comes to affordability and availability.
It will allow you to be ready when the perfect property becomes a possibility.

Know Your Price

Part of knowing your price is recognizing everything that buying a cabin entails. It’s more than
the monthly payment and the interest rates, after all. Consider what the costs will be for your
utilities, upgrades, and improvements, as well as the costs associated with the fun parts of
owning a cabin. Fuel and maintenance for boats, replacing your roof, upgrading your electrical,
or paying the taxes: These and a million items like them can drain your vacation budget fairly

Make sure you’re considering not just what you can afford in a monthly payment when you
consider the size and type of cabin you decide to buy.

Find a Financing Partner

At Northview Bank, we’ve helped people in many situations make vacation property a reality. By
making a cabin purchase accessible with our flexible, family-friendly financing products, our
lenders help remove the biggest hurdle that stands between buyers and the vacation property
they’re looking at.

Get Pre-Qualified

The first step to buying a Minnesota or Wisconsin cabin is to go through the necessary steps of
being qualified for financing. Many sellers don’t even legitimately consider offers that are
unattached to a pre-qualification letter. By going through relatively simple process of getting pre-
qualified, you can make take more legitimate steps toward vacation property and be more
prepared for the process as it unfolds.

To walk through the pre-qualification process for vacation property financing, CLICK HERE. 

The Right Cabin Loan Solution

Look at programs available to you — programs like Northview Bank’s 10% Down— to see how
flexible terms or lower down payments can make the transition into cabin ownership smoother
than you ever thought possible. Learn more about Northview Bank’s accessible cabin loan
financing here. 

Financing is Available for Minnesota and Wisconsin Vacation Property

The time may be right to buy a cabin. At Northview Bank, we’re helping people find the vacation
property loans that work for their lives, their budget, and their property. It’s what we do best.

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