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Business Loans From Northview Bank

Our commercial lending experts at Northview Bank partner with business owners at all stages to help them make the right financial decisions for both their present situation and their future vision. Northview Bank works with you to customize these products to your business needs. As a Community Bank, we know one size doesn’t fit all. We offer the competitive rates and terms you need to meet your goals. 
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Land Development Loans

Land development loans from Northview Bank can help Minnesota businesses and contractors take the right, strategic steps forward. By partnering with local Minnesota builders and business owners, Northview Bank is helping them make the right financial decisions for both their present situation and their future vision.

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Ag Lending

At Northview Bank, we're making your Ag and farming operation all that it can be. Our full range of Ag lending products are only as effective and productive as your ability to make the right decisions at the right time. So let's join our expertise with your Ag operation. 

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Purchase or Start a Business

Northview Bank offers loans that are specific to purchasing an existing business as well as loans for starting a new business. Financing solutions from Northview Bank can be used to finance an entity only or the entity with all the real estate and equipment involved with it.

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Equipment Financing

Northview Bank partners with businesses to help them finance the equipment they need. Our lending experts help customers discover our various equipment financing solutions so that they can find the right financing product. Our variable terms and conditions work alongside a business's long-term, strategic goals. 

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Construction Loans

By partnering with Northview Bank, business owners can make the space they need for their operation a possibility. Our lenders are seasoned professionals, helping to equip business owners with the right construction financing solutions. With Northview Bank, your facility can meet your needs and your operation can continue moving forward.

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Lines of Credit

Our commercial lending experts partner with business owners at all stages of business, from start up to operation and expansion. We help them make the right financial decisions for both their present situation and their future vision. Northview Bank works with you to keep operations moving forward with business lines of credit.

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Business Loans and Financing Options from Northview Bank

Talk to a knowledgeable Northview Bank loan officer if you have any questions about our products, what loan would best benefit your business or how we can help you grow. You deserve a commercial lending team that is both informed and engaged. Northview Bank brings big-business expertise while maintaining the community touch. We want to be your partner in business and in life.

Quick Application Process

We make it easy! To apply for a loan you, fill out our online application and one of our lending specialists will contact you. 


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