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Northview Bank savings account

We offer savings solutions for any stage of life, including a Kids Club Savings Account for young savers. Whether it’s a simple account to get started or an investment savings account to plan for your future, we are here to help you.

A regular STATEMENT SAVINGS account requires only $50 to open, and immediately begins earning interest for you. Interest is calculated daily and paid quarterly.

The MONEY MARKET SAVINGS account gives you easy access to your money. Open this account with $2,500. Interest is calculated daily and paid quarterly. 

The INVESTMENT SAVINGS account has tiered interest rates. With this account, larger balances earn higher interest. Open the account with $10,000 and earn daily interest on the balance. Interest is paid quarterly.


Statement Savings

Money Market Savings

Investment Savings

Description Great for savers! Easy access to savings Tiered interest rates
Amount Required to Open Account  $50 $2,500  $10,000 
Interest Yes Yes Yes
Account Fees $2.00/ quarter service charge if average daily balance falls below $50 
9 debits per quarter at no charge, $.50 per additional debit.
None  None 
Withdrawals Unlimited Withdrawals (some exceptions apply) Unlimited Withdrawals (some exceptions apply)  Unlimited Withdrawals (some exceptions apply)
Options Direct Deposit
Automatic Transfers with some restrictions
Direct Deposit
Automatic Transfers with some restrictions
Direct Deposit
Automatic Transfers with some restrictions

Ask for a full truth-in-savings disclosure for additional terms

Kids Club Savings

Parents can help children learn the rewards of saving with our KIDS CLUB savings program. 

Learn More - Kids Club

Certificates of Deposit

CD's are “time savings accounts” with various interest rates and term lengths from 30 days to 5 years. They can be renewed automatically.

Individual Retirement Accounts

IRAs help you save for your future and your family’s future. Traditional, Roth and Educational IRAs are available.

Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings accounts are a great way to save for Health Care expenses and take advantage of tax savings!

Learn More - HSAs

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