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Do you need a place to hunt? Are you looking for a place to call your own…that you can then pass on to your kids and grandkids? Northview Bank can finance hunting land and get you set up for some great hunting seasons.

Land financing with favorable terms can be difficult to get for hunting land. Since this type of loan has collateral that can be classified as unimproved or raw land, some lenders deem it a speculative investment, something that is higher risk. Not at Northview. We know how important it is for you and your family. 

Northview Bank has solutions that work for buyers in their favor, helping them get the land they want with reasonable terms.

10% Down

Land ownership just got easier! At Northview Bank, qualified borrowers can finance property with as little as 10% down. 

Quick Approval. Quick Close.

We won’t hold you up. At Northview Bank, we can have qualified borrowers approved the next business day. And we close loans quickly so you can start enjoying your land.

Quick Application Process

We make it easy! To apply for a land loan you will need to fill out our one page application online, have a copy of the last two years’ W2 forms or tax returns, and a current paystub.

Apply Now

TraverwebcTraver Gahler

Vice President/Branch Manager

Specialty: Home Purchases, Home Refinances, Construction Loans, Seasonal Cabin Financing, Land Financing, Lake Lot Financing

Branch Location: Hinckley
Direct: (320) 375-5304
Branch: (320) 384-0445
Fax: (320) 280-7961
Toll Free: (800) 450-7575


Email: Traver@northviewbank.com

NMLS #770013


Paul WebPaul Troskey

Vice President/Market Manager

Specialty: Business Lending

Branch Location: Finlayson
Direct: (320) 375-5313
Branch: (320) 233-7575
Fax: (320) 233-6335
Toll Free: (800) 450-7575

Email: paul@northviewbank.com

NMLS #403302

Tom WebTom Willie

Branch Manager/ Vice President

Specialty: Home Purchases, Home Refinances, Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Construction Loans, Seasonal Cabin Financing, Land Financing, Lake Lot Financing, Consumer Financing

Branch Location: Finlayson
Direct: (320) 375-5329
Branch: (320) 233-7575
Fax: (320) 233-6335
Toll Free: (800) 450-7575

Email: Tom.Willie@northviewbank.com

NMLS #458775

Cassi Nelson Edited 2Cassi Nelson

Branch Manager/Loan Officer

Specialty: Consumer Lending, Land Loans & Home Equity Loans

Branch Location: Askov
Direct: (320) 375-5340
Branch: (320) 838.3131
Fax: (320) 838-3133
Toll Free: (800) 450.7575
NMLS: #2160467

Email: cassi.nelson@northviewbank.com

Shelly WebShelly Lough

Vice President – Loan Officer

Specialty: Consumer Lending

Branch Location: Cromwell
Direct: (218) 389-2122
Branch: (218) 644-3351
Fax: (218) 644-3352
Toll Free: (800) 450-7575

Email: shelly@northviewbank.com

NMLS #403304

Sheila Web BSheila Pilliard

Branch Manager

Specialty: Real Estate Lending, Consumer Lending

Branch Location: Floodwood
Direct: (218) 389-2130
Branch: (218) 389-2131
Fax: (218) 476-2022
Toll Free: (800) 450-7575
NMLS: #1846609

Email: sheila@northviewbank.com

Karen R WebKaren Raitanen

VP, Branch Manager/Loan Officer

Specialty: Land and Lake Lot Financing, Home Equity Loans, Personal Lending, & Business Loans

Branch Location: Deer River
Direct: (218) 313-4230
Branch: (218) 246-8221
Fax: (218) 313-4231
Toll Free: (800) 450-7575

Email: karenr@northviewbank.com

NMLS #1776564

Riley Web2Riley J Snow

Vice President/Branch Manager

Specialty: Consumer and In-House Real Estate Financing – Vacation Property Financing

Branch Location: Barnum
Direct: (218) 389-2158
Branch: (218) 389-6967
Fax: (218) 389-2149
Toll Free: (800) 450-7575
NMLS: #1965833

Email: riley@northviewbank.com

Chad WebChad Johnsen

Vice President/Branch Manager

Specialty: Home Purchases, Home Refinances, Construction Loans, Land Financing, Lake lot Financing & Seasonal Cabin Financing

Branch Location: Sandstone
Direct: (320) 375-5302
Branch: (320) 245-5261
Fax: (320) 245-5376
Toll Free: (800) 450-7575

Email: Chad@northviewbank.com

NMLS #770017

Bill WebBill Loew

Executive Vice President

Specialty: Business, Agricultural

Branch Location: Sandstone
Direct: (320) 375-5300
Branch: (320) 245-5261
Fax: (320) 245-5376
Toll Free: (800) 450-7575

Email: Bill@northviewbank.com

NMLS #770015

Carrie Conner 2020Carrie Conner

Vice President - Loan Officer

Specialty: USDA RD, VA, FHA & Conventional

Branch Location: Willow River
Direct: (218) 389-2146
Branch: (218) 372-3155
Fax: (218) 372-3086
Toll Free: (800) 450-7575

Email: carrie@northviewbank.com

NMLS #403301

Jennie AdamsJennie Adams

Consumer Lender/Lending Assistant 

Specialty: Consumer Lending. Personal Lending

Branch Location: Kerrick
Direct: (320) 375-5326
Branch: (218) 496-5515
Fax: (320) 496-0125
Toll Free: (800) 450-7575
NMLS: #2167330

Email: jennie@northviewbank.com

Mindy Web CMindy Turner-Jerry

Loan Officer

Specialty: Mortgage Loans, Land Loans, Lake Lot financing, Home Equity Loans, Seasonal Cabin financing, Personal Lending

Branch Location: Sandstone
Direct: (320) 375-5324
Branch: (320) 245-5261
Fax: (320) 245-5376
Toll Free: (800) 450-7575

Email: mindy@northviewbank.com
NMLS #1984559




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